286. Telegram From the Department of State to the Mission to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization1

100911. NATUS. Subject: Restoration of Redeployed US Forces. Ref: State 82251.2

In response to FRG request for reassurances on return to Germany of redeployed US forces (reftel), Springsteen spoke with German Embassy Counselor Von Staden on January 17.
Springsteen assured Von Staden US continues to adhere to letter and spirit of Trilateral Minute of April 28, 1967.3 As specifically agreed in first sentence, para. 5 of Minute, US “will return its rotating forces to Europe whenever the situation requires.” He noted that this US pledge is unconditional.
Springsteen also reconfirmed second sentence, para. 5 of Minute: “in addition, the US Government is ready to negotiate a plan under which NATO countries, including Germany and others as well as the US, furnish the assurance that comparable actions will be taken, including, [Page 662] for the part of the US, redeployment to Europe of its rotating forces during a period of political tension and no later than at the time of the announcement of the alert phase ‘military vigilance’ for the Central Region by SACEUR.” Springsteen indicated US would be happy to receive and consider any FRG proposals for reaching such an agreement.
Von Staden expressed satisfaction at receiving reassurances on first sentence, which he would report to Bonn. The FRG would equally be prepared to negotiate a plan as envisaged in second sentence.
Von Staden suggested and Springsteen agreed that after initial consideration of proposals, negotiations looking toward an agreement would appropriately be a NATO matter.
  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, DEF 4 NATO. Secret. Drafted by Joseph L. Smith, cleared by McAuliffe and GER, and approved by Leddy. Also sent to Bonn and repeated to three military commands.
  2. Dated December 9, 1967. (Ibid.)
  3. Attachment 4 to Document 249.