223. Editorial Note

During 1968 the Joint Chiefs of Staff proceeded to develop a Joint Strategic Objectives Plan for FY 1971–1978 (JSOP FY 71–78). The Joint Chiefs of Staff forwarded Volume I, Strategy (65 pages), under cover of a July 6, 1968, memorandum (SM–456–68) to the Secretaries of the Military Departments, the regional Commanders in Chief, and the Commander in Chief of the Strategic Air Command. This memorandum noted that Volume I was to be used in the development of military recommendations for the preparation of Volume II, Analyses and Force Tabulations; Volume III, Free World Forces; and appropriate Annexes. (Washington National Records Center, OASD/ISA Files: FRC 330 72 A 1499, 381 JSOP 71–78 1968 Volume I-Strategy) Volumes II and III and the annexes have not been found. Under cover of a December 5 memorandum to Secretary of Defense Clifford (JCSM–713–68), the Joint Chiefs of Staff transmitted Volume I with the recommendation that the military strategy in Volume I “be used as the basis for the development of DOD policy on major strategic issues and in analyses leading to development of the Five-Year Defense Program.” (Ibid.)