111. Memorandum by the Deputy Secretary of Defense (Vance)1


  • The Secretaries of the Military Departments
  • The Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff
  • The Director of Defense Research & Engineering
  • The Assistant Secretaries of Defense
  • The Assistants to the Secretary of Defense
  • The Director, Defense Intelligence Agency


  • DoD Human Resources Intelligence Collection Study and Outline Plan (U)


  • (a) JCSM–422–65, subject as above, dated 29 May 19652
  • (b) DoD Directive 5105.21, “Defense Intelligence Agency,” dated 1 August 19613
  • (c) DoD Directive TS–5105.29 “Defense Intelligence Agency (Intelligence Activities),” dated 21 February 19633

I have reviewed the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Study and Plan on Human Resources Intelligence (HUMINT) Collection which was forwarded by reference (a).

The Outline Plan contained in reference (a) is approved. DIA will assume technical direction and coordination of HUMINT activities within DoD. I expect that implementation of the approved Outline Plan will result in resource economies in the form of an increased scope of HUMINT operations or in a release of resources for use in other Defense programs.

The Department of the Army will assume responsibility for conducting over-all DoD individual HUMINT training in accordance with policies and instructions promulgated by DIA under provisions of reference (b). Authorities and responsibilities set forth in reference (c) remain unchanged.

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The Secretary of the Army, in collaboration with the Secretaries of the Navy and Air Force, is requested to develop a plan for DoD-wide HUMINT training within 120 days. A copy of the completed plan should be provided the Joint Chiefs of Staff for their comments.

I endorse the Study finding that the successful accomplishment of sensitive HUMINT missions will be mainly dependent upon the caliber of personnel assigned to the program. Consequently, I wish to underscore the importance of assuring that only highly competent personnel are assigned to HUMINT duties by the military departments, DIA, and other DoD components involved.

Cyrus Vance
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  2. Entitled “DOD Human Resources Intelligence Collection Study and Outline Plan.” (National Archives and Records Administration, RG 218, JCS Files, 2010 (11 Dec 64) IR 5156) The Outline Plan itself, however, is not attached to this JCSM and was not found. JCSM–422–65 gives among other things a general description of the contents of the Plan: Volume I “summarizes the study and the appraisal of the subject area listing conclusions and recommendations;” Volumes II and III provide a “thorough examination of human resource intelligence collection activities;” and Volume IV contains the Plan, which “provides for the definition of optimum resource levels and the maintenance of balance on a continuing basis among the related DOD organizational units.”
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