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Foreign Relations of the United States, 1964–1968, Volume III, Vietnam, June–December 1965

David C. Humphrey
Edward C. Keefer
Louis J. Smith
General Editor:
Glenn W. LaFantasie

United States Government Printing Office

Department of State
Office of the Historian
Bureau of Public Affairs


The editors developed the following six areas of focus for research and the selection of documents for inclusion in this volume: 1) formulation of policy in Washington, with particular emphasis on the decision to commit major ground forces to Vietnam and its consequences for policy makers; 2) the advisory process, including recommendations from key advisers in Washington, intelligence assessments of the situation in Vietnam, and reporting and advice from U.S. officials in Saigon; 3) efforts to negotiate a settlement to the Vietnam conflict, other key diplomatic contacts, and the issue of bombing pauses; 4) military planning and strategy and non-military programs in Vietnam; 5) the relationship between the United States Government and the South Vietnamese Government, including the issue of political instability in South Vietnam; and 6) the implementation of policy in South Vietnam.