245. Memorandum From the President’s Special Assistant (Rostow) to President Johnson 1

Mr. President:

Herewith my net recommendations for immediate changes in bombing the northern part of North Viet Nam.

Reduce the present 30 nautical mile radius restricted area around Hanoi to 10 and the 10 nautical mile radius around Haiphong to 4. Authorize armed reconnaissance through North Vietnam and coastal waters, except populated areas, the ChiCom buffer zone, and restricted areas.
Move the northern boundaries of the Sea Dragon area and the coastal armed reconnaissance area to 20°30’.
Mine inland waterways up to the ChiCom buffer zone as the Mark 36 destructors become available.
Restrike Hanoi TPP.

Study and report to President:

Casualties likely to result from attack on Red River Bridge.
State of repair and value of re-attack on other targets in Hanoi restricted area, notably following transport targets: the Van Dien Supply and Vehicle Depots, Hanoi RR Repair Ship, Yen Vien RR Classification Yards, Nguyen Khe Storage, and Kinh No Vehicle Repair.
Value of further narrowing of Hanoi and Haiphong restricted areas to, say, 8 nautical miles and 2 nautical miles, respectively.

  1. Source: Johnson Library, National Security File, Country File, Vietnam, Memos to the President, 6/1–8/2/67, Vol. I. Top Secret. The notation “L” on the memorandum indicates that the President saw it.