387. Telegram From the Department of State to the Embassy in South Africa 0

249. Urtels 180, 181, 220, 229, 230.1 Following guidance is supplied in reply reftels. In view FonMin’s emotional reaction to aide-memoire, leave to your judgment whether amplification and further interpretation are useful.

Dept surprised that aide-memoire interpreted to mean that “USG desired cooperate only in fields useful to it” since we consider certainly of mutual benefit cooperation which has existed in cultural, educational, health, scientific and other fields.

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In reply to FonMin’s request for further interpretation two sentences mentioned urtel 180 Dept considers first sentence refers to position USG must take bilaterally, as well as in UN and international organizations.

It seems unnecessary to reiterate why we feel SA policy not in accord with human rights provision of UN Charter. It appears obvious that apartheid policy does not recognize “dignity and worth of human person” when individuals not permitted by law to live where they wish or travel without special permit, as well as hundreds of other regulations, such as job discrimination, based solely on grounds of race.

Correction should be made in Deptel 190 in reply to urtel 161.2 In third paragraph Deptel 190 change phrase “several generations” to “a number of years.”

FYI: Re SAG drawing from IMF, on July 5 IMF announced it had entered into standby arrangement under which SAG may draw up to 75 million dollars during next 12 months. Agreement with the IMF provides for review of situation after six months, such review being necessary before SAG could draw second tranche 37-1/2 million dollars. Since the six months have not yet elapsed, no review has been made and the question of a further drawing has not yet arisen. As FonMin pointed out it is quite possible that no further drawing will be necessary. If a second drawing is requested, the Department is not now prepared to consider it favorably. However this is Dept of State position which has not yet been adopted as USG decision. Dept understands that Per Jacobsson of IMF was planning tell SA officials, in connection original IMF action in approving drawing and line of credit, that SAG intention expend large sums foreign exchange for purchase military fighter and transport aircraft does not seem in consonance with SAG’s need conserve foreign exchange. End FYI. In view of uncertainties mentioned above and the impossibility of foreseeing what situation may be in January, suggest you should not inform SAG of above. You may note that IMF review has not taken place and that much depends on result of this review and situation which exists at the time; but that the US position on this matter, if it arises, will not be based on political considerations.

Secretary has agreed to see FonMin Louw in Washington. Appointment with President appears impossible in view large numbers FonMins who may be attending UN session and who might then also request Presidential meeting.

Sale of C-130 aircraft, participation in CAPEX exercise, and negotiation of tracking agreement all matters receiving high level consideration. Will inform you soonest when decisions reached.

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 611.70X/9-2561. Secret; Priority. Drafted by Wight on September 12; cleared by Martin, Brubeck, and Bowles; and approved by Fredericks.
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  3. Both dated August 29. (Ibid., 611.70X/8-2961)