260. Telegram From the Department of State to the Embassy in Guinea 0

406. US Govt policy during present Guinean crisis1 has been strict hands off and playdown by official US media including VOA. Reasoning: Bloc activity may possibly be reduced, we hope it will be curtailed and come under closer GOG surveillance, but there is no evidence USSR or other Bloc countries will be kicked out of Guinea. Any Western propaganda hailing Guinea events as smashing victory for West could boom-erang if, as likely, it forced Toure to soft-pedal or stop present attacks on Marxist-Leninists. Obvious Toure is caught in serious intra-party quarrel and is not free agent.

Because Dept has made serious efforts to play down Guinea crisis in official media (with exception South American audiences) believe it in our interest you make known to Toure efforts US Govt to make things as easy as possible for Toure, insofar as its activity and influence make this possible. Assume Toure would be appreciative this forbearance as constituting gesture sympathy towards him in his present trouble and mark of US good-will and friendship.

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 770B.00/1-362. Confidential; Priority. Drafted by Dumont, cleared by Hall (USIS) and O’Sheel, and approved by Ferguson. Repeated to Accra, Dakar, London, Bamako, Paris, and Moscow.
  2. Reference is to the outbreak of violent strikes and demonstrations against the Government of Guinea by teachers and students which began in mid-November 1961. President Toure and other officials accused Communist groups and Soviet bloc embassies of trying to overthrow the government, and asked the Soviet Ambassador to leave the country.