229. Editorial Note

On September 12, 1961, Ambassador Russell reported that Nkrumah wanted the signing ceremony for the final Volta agreements to take place in Accra on October 5 and to be attended by high-ranking U.S., U.K., and World Bank officials. (Telegram 393 from Accra; Department of State, Central Files, 611.45J4/9-1261)

On September 18, President Kennedy sent NSAM No. 96 to Acting Under Secretary of State Ball. It reads: “I want to hold up any final decision and announcement of the Volta project for Ghana. Would you please talk to me about this at your convenience?” (Ibid., S/S-NSC Files: Lot 72 D 316, National Security Action Memoranda, NSAM 96)

On September 21, Ball informed the Acting Secretary’s staff meeting of the President’s memorandum, and indicated that he had gone into the matter thoroughly and had concluded that the United States should proceed. Acting Secretary Bowles suggested that they consider sending Assistant Secretary Williams and Legal Adviser Abram Chayes to Ghana before signing to explain that this was a hard decision for the United States in view of its concern over Ghana’s stability and financial meas-ures. (Department of State, Secretary’s Staff Meetings: Lot 66 D 147)