207. Telegram From the Embassy in Pakistan to the Department of State0

913. Policy. Department telegram 7791 and 782.2 I had extremely important and useful conversation with Foreign Minister Mohammed Ali this morning after delivering Secretary’s letter. Full report follows in next message3 but key points made by Mohammed Ali were:

GOP had reached decision adhere to present basic foreign policy orientation, including pacts, and to support U.S. leadership, largely because no alternative to this policy for present. President would so inform National Assembly in camera but Mohammed Ali would be less frank in public. Difficulties expected in making this decision stick in National Assembly but Government working hard organize pro-Government elements. Our recent actions helpful in some respects.
Chinese military victories in India over past few days have had some sobering effect and Mohammed Ali did not minimize Pakistan worry over Indian military situation, or worry over recognized ultimate Chinese threat to Pakistan.
Chinese victories have encouraged tendency avoid any provocation Chinese Communists now. I surmised that Pakistanis have had in mind for some time some overture to Chinese Communists, probably high level visit, and that plan has not been abandoned.
Timely Indian gesture which in some form indicates Kashmir issue negotiable would be very important in strengthening Ayub’s hand [Page 403] in fending off extremists and discouraging gesture to Chinese Communists.

Without directly accusing Government of holding such notions, I hit very hard at view that military aid would continue if Pakistanis left regional alliances and warned against accommodation with Chinese Communists. I think Mohammed Ali fully understood my warnings.

I felt somewhat encouraged after talk with Mohammed Ali but do not feel we are by any means out of woods here. Mohammed Ali may not completely or accurately reflect mood of Government and Ayub may not be able to keep control over National Assembly. Nevertheless, no doubt that Chinese victories have caused some sober second thoughts.

I would suggest in conversation with Aziz Ahmed Department stress military situation in India, but my warnings not reiterated for moment. I think it would be preferable if tougher line restricted to our talks here for next few days.

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