306. Editorial Note

As part of an around-the-world tour Attorney General Kennedy visited Berlin February 22-24, 1962, Bonn February 24-25, and Paris February 27. In Berlin Kennedy made several addresses and met with Mayor Brandt and other city officials. The texts of his addresses were transmitted as enclosures to despatches 389 and 396 from Berlin, February 27 [Page 843] and March 1. (Department of State, Central Files, 033.1100-KE/2-2762 and 033.1100-KE/3-162)

In a letter to President Kennedy on February 23, Brandt thanked him for sending his brother to Berlin, and wrote that the Attorney General had stated once more that “the American position in West Berlin will be fully maintained, the close relationship between Berlin and Western Germany will be maintained, no interference of the traffic from and to Berlin will be tolerated, agreements about Berlin will not take place without the knowledge and consent of the population concerned, and that the United States will not forget the people in East Berlin and in the Soviet-occupied Zone.” (Kennedy Library, President’s Office Files, Germany)

For three other accounts of the visit to Berlin, see Schlesinger, A Thousand Days, pages 401-402; Schlesinger, Robert Kennedy and His Times, pages 599-600; and Begegnungen und Einsichten, pages 93-94. Extensive documentation on the Attorney General’s tour is in Department of State, Conference Files: Lot 65 D 533, CF 2044-2048, and Central Files 033.1100-KE.