27. Telegram From the Department of State to the Embassy in Uruguay 1

183. IA-ECOSOC for Dillon. Embtel 155.2 Dept. approves your general approach and suggests following revision your statement to be used your discretion.

Begin Verbatim Text. US delegation has noted politically motivated statements Cuban delegate, replete with inaccuracies and untruths, in particular with regard to US. I do not wish burden this conference with reply these false charges. However, I feel I must reply to the question raised by Cuban delegation as to whether GOC eligible for assistance.

Under Alliance for Progress, there will be drawn together and concentrated for LA substantially increased aid from both US and the battery of aid mechanisms available free world. US does not decide alone eligibility for assistance except with respect to its own agencies. Other free world sources of financing can determine for themselves whether Cuba eligible for assistance and whether meets their separate criteria. However, so long as Cuba is under domination of communism, a system alien and inimical to our own inter-American system, US will oppose access by Cuba to funds provided by US for Alliance for Progress.

Whether GOC signs final document is matter of indifference to GUS. Certainly US delegation has right to question motives of GOC whose delegate, at very inception this conference, charged that entire Alliance for Progress “is a vehicle conceived to separate the people of Cuba from the other peoples of the Americas.” GOC has publicly and continuously disavowed its ties to the OAS and has deliberately converted itself into communist state responsive to imperialist designs of Sino-Soviet Bloc. If GOC is now separated from peoples of Americas it has only itself to blame. When Cuba has demonstrated by concrete action its willingness to accept principles and obligations of OAS Charter and remaining solemn agreements of IA system, it can expect assume its place as respected member American family of nations.

US delegation feels conference is to be congratulated for not having allowed itself to be turned aside from its work by attempt of one delegation to inject political issues into this conference. End Verbatim Text.

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FYI. Department believes challenge to Cuba to take case against US to OAS should be avoided. Our basic position is that real issue (Communism) is one between rest of hemisphere and Cuba which should be dealt with on initiative members OAS other than Cuba along lines Colombian or other suitable proposal. Moreover, challenge to Cuba use appropriate OAS forum such as ad hoc committee created by 7th MFM long since made and systematically rejected or ignored by Castro regime. Renewal at this time could give impetus to tendency treat problem as one between Cuba and US and weaken efforts toward hemispheric solution.

Since $20 billion figure mentioned in conference encompasses many potential sources of financing including private European capital, recommend you not mention any specific institution or component and avoid impression US unilaterally controls access to all. End FYI.

  1. Source: Kennedy Library, National Security Files, Trips and Conference Series, Montevideo, August 1961. Confidential; Niact. Drafted by Barall, Jamison, and Braddock; cleared by Kerr, Fowler, Sternfeld, Wallner, Coerr, and Korn; and approved by U. Alexis Johnson. A handwritten notation on the source text indicates the telegram was sent to Hyannis Port.
  2. Document 26.