26. Telegram From the Embassy in Uruguay to the Department of State1

155. From Dillon. Would appreciate Department’s thinking on best tactics for handling Cubans in closing meetings of conference. Cubans [Page 54] can be expected to ask us whether or not they will be eligible for assistance under alliance. Unless Department has other views I would intend reply that Cuba not member of IDB or IBRD, that Cuba did not approve Act of Bogota and therefore not eligible for social progress fund loans, that US in any event has no intention aiding Cuba as long as Cuban Government controlled by international Communism.

With such an answer we can expect Cuban reply that this proves conference was politically organized to split Cuba from other Latin American Governments and that although Cuba has been prepared to sign final act this made it impossible for her to do so.

Alternatively Cuba may announce firm intention to sign document and then try to imply that by signature they somehow gain right to be assisted. This could pose problem of US and Cuba signing same document. If this should come up I feel we should go ahead and sign making same statement as indicated above. We cannot allow Cuba to wreck conference by tactical act of signature of document satisfactory to US and others.

If neither of these events occur and Cuba remains silent which highly unlikely, I would nevertheless be inclined to include in final statement a paragraph on Cuba along following lines:

“The US Delegation feels that conference is to be congratulated as it has not allowed itself to be turned aside from its [work?] by the attempt of one delegation to inject political issues into this conference. While the opening statement of the Cuban delegate was full of inaccuracies and untruths, in particular regarding the United States, I do not wish to burden this conference with a detailed reply to these false charges. I merely take this opportunity to categorically deny all charges of aggression against the Cuban people. I wish to emphasize that this meeting is not the place to discuss political matters. There is a proper place in our American organization for such discussions. We all know what it is. If the present government of Cuba truly wishes to discuss the Cuban situation they are perfectly aware that the proper forum is the Council of the OAS, and not this meeting.”

Particularly desire guidance on challenge to Cuba to take case to OAS.

There is distinct possibility that there may be a public session of some sort on final draft during course of Monday. Therefore prompt reply required for receipt here at conference site no later than 8:00 A.M. Monday. Woodward concurs.

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 371.8/8-1161. Confidential; Niact.