22. Telegram From the Embassy in Uruguay to the Department of State 1

123. Please deliver following message to President:

“Dear Mr. President:

Guevara speech was masterful presentation of Communist point of view. He clearly identified Cuba as full-fledged member of bloc talking of our ‘sister Socialist Republic.’ Since he attacked Alliance for Progress in its entirety and everything conference is trying to do, he made little substantive impression on delegates. However, he was aiming over their heads at people of Latin America, and we cannot from here estimate how successful he was in this effort.

Since Guevara speech frankly political and so characterized by him and since conference chairman has requested all delegates to avoid political [Page 51] comments and stick to business we do not feel it proper to dignify Guevara performance by entering into argument with him here. What State Department may care to say in answer to Guevara is another matter which I think should depend on reaction to his speech throughout hemisphere. I have, however, put out statement designed to bolster Betancourt re document from our Embassy in Venezuela.2 This statement prepared in collaboration with Venezuelan delegation and at their request. They view publication of document as Cuban attempt to undermine Betancourt at home.

Effect of my speech on delegates has been generally very good. Sole exception was Argentina which annoyed at lack of mention of programs for Argentine meat and wheat. We have reached agreement on preliminary draft of final act which has been submitted to conference under sponsorship Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Peru. Draft does not contain chapter on commodities or integration which being worked on separately. So far no real problems in sight. Expect that in due course and after disposing of numerous suggested resolutions, including many from Cuba, main document will be approved by 20 to 1 vote. All statements made to plenary session friendly to us except possibly Ecuador. Conference schedule calls for working parties to meet during next three days with general committee of whole convening on Saturday to consider reports of committees and draft final act.

Faithfully yours,

Douglas Dillon .”
  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 371.8/8-961. Secret; Priority.
  2. See Document 21.