21. Telegram From the Embassy in Uruguay to the Department of State 1

113. IA-ECOSOC. Guevara, Cuban delegate, in speech today read from documents apparently purloined in Caracas. Photostats were later circulated all delegates with Spanish translations accompanying.

Documents were (1) office memo of 12 June 1961 to Ambassador Moscoso from Irving Tragen and Robert Cox via John Gates classified [Page 50] Official Use Only,2 and (2) INR contribution to NIE 80/90-61 “Latin American Reactions to Developments in and with Respect to Cuba” classified Secret.3

Guevara read first paragraph page three of first document on Venezuelan administrative defects and most of penultimate paragraph on severe choices to be faced by oligarchy. He said [read?] extensively from other document.

Document well prepared and reflects sincere interest of US in LA development although nationalistic sentiments will be offended by extent to which US participation in widespread improvements is suggested.

Venezuelans will be irritated by “constructive criticism” but we do not anticipate significant adverse effects. Dillon seeing Venezuelans August 9. Revelation of other document does no harm.

  1. Source: Kennedy Library, National Security Files, Trips and Conference Series, Montevideo, August 1961. Official Use Only. Repeated to Caracas.
  2. For text, see telegram 117 from Montevideo, August 9. (Department of State, Central Files, 731.5-MSP/8-961)
  3. Dated July 18. (Central Intelligence Agency Files, Job 79-R01012A, ODDI Registry)