76. Memorandum From the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (Lemnitzer) to the Commander in Chief, Atlantic (Dennison)0



  • “Bumpy Road”


  • Your memo Special C0029/61, dated 28 March 1961, Subject: “CIA Operation Crosspatch”1
The Joint Chiefs of Staff have reviewed the contents of the reference memorandum and have concluded the following:
The assignment of an additional destroyer as escort for the convoy is approved.
The disposition and employment of LANTCOM forces in the general area is considered normal and will insure the readiness of your command in case of an emergency.
The Joint Chiefs of Staff letter of instruction for the subject operation is now before the Secretary of Defense for approval. That letter, which is also addressed to you, provides for informing CINCONAD of his requirements.
Your rules of engagement are approved. It was also noted that no mention was made of Soviet submarines. Your current instructions in regards to Soviet submarines will apply for attack. In the event the convoy is shadowed or closed by a surfaced submarine, it will be treated under the rules for engagement as a surface ship. If the convoy is shadowed or closed by a submerged submarine;
Request submarine identify itself.
If identity refused, repeat request stating its actions considered hostile and attack will be made if identity not given.
If identity still refused, assume submarine is attacking force and attack with all authorized means available until submarine retires, surfaces and identifies itself (thereby coming under rules of engagement for surface ships), or the submarine is destroyed.
It will be noted that the nickname “Bumpy Road” has now been applied to the CIA Para-military Plan. This nickname is assigned with the concurrence of CIA.
You will be kept informed of any changes in requirements and/or schedule for the subject operation resulting from the final review.
  1. Source: Kennedy Library, National Security Files, Countries Series, Cuba, Subjects, Taylor Report. Top Secret; Limited Distribution. The source text is marked “Draft” and is Enclosure A to JCS 2304/26, April 1. The covering memorandum of JCS 2304/26 indicates that the Joint Chiefs approved SM-363-61 on April 1 and forwarded it to CINCLANT. (Naval Historical Center, Area Files, Bumpy Road Materials)
  2. Document 73.