277. Memorandum From General Edward Lansdale to Attorney General Kennedy0

Friday1 is apparently the “day of decision” for your special project. General Taylorʼs group has it scheduled as the main item for discussion.

A special Intelligence Estimate2 seems to be the major evidence to be used to oppose your project. Copies have just been made available this afternoon, and one is attached.3 I have underlined key conclusions.

I suggest two points:

The intelligence which supports conclusions about the internal situation is far from adequate.
The conclusion on page 4, paragraph 9, concerning the possibility of an uprising being fomented is a “conclusion of fact” quite outside the area of intelligence. The key factor in such a conclusion must be our own ability to take action. It is the heart of our proposal that we can take effective action, if proper management is provided.

  1. Source: Department of State, ARA/CCA Files: Lot 66 D 501, Cuban Project-1962. Secret; Eyes Only. A note on the source text indicates that a copy was sent to Goodwin.
  2. December 1.
  3. SNIE 85-61; see Document 271.
  4. Not found attached.