10. Editorial Note

On January 4, 1961, the U.N. Security Council met in response to a request on December 31, 1960, from the Foreign Minister of Cuba to adopt the measures necessary to prevent the armed forces of the United States from violating the sovereignty of Cuba. (U.N. doc. S/4605) James J. Wadsworth, U.S. Representative in the Security Council, dismissed Cuban allegations of a “sinister plan,” which he stated were based on “the kind of second-hand rumor which Dr. Roa uses instead of evidence.” Wadsworth added that it was “natural and readily understandable” that some of the Cuban exiles who had found refuge in the United States would want to attempt to overturn the government which had caused them and their homeland so much hardship. But he stated that “the United States Government has been in no way associated with such activities.” (U.N. doc. S/PV.921)

At the afternoon meeting of the Security Council on January 4, the Representatives of Chile and Ecuador introduced a draft resolution calling upon the Governments of the United States and Cuba to resolve their differences. (U.N. doc. S/4612) Debate on the Cuban complaint carried over to January 5, and the Council dropped the complaint for want of sufficient grounds for taking action. The Representatives of Chile and Ecuador did not press for a vote on their draft resolution. (U.N. doc. S/PV.923)