365. Memorandum From President Kennedy to the Director of the Office of Emergency Planning (McDermott)0

I have reviewed the report of the Executive Stockpile Committee on “Disposing of Excess Stockpile Materials,”1 and I approve Recommendations Nos. 1 through 14.

Although we should maintain an adequate stockpile of strategic materials, we should dispose of the materials that are in excess of our needs. Such disposals should be made in the light of our national interest and our desire to avoid any serious disruption of the markets. The development of long-range disposal policies and plans should proceed in anticipation of enabling legislation.

John Kennedy
  1. Source: Washington National Records Center, RG 40, Department of Commerce, Executive Secretariat Files: FRC 69 A 6828, Office of the Secretary, President’s Committee on Stockpiling. No classification marking. Transmitted with a February 6 covering letter from McDermott to Secretary of Commerce Luther H. Hodges.
  2. Document 364.