35. Editorial Note

On September 19, 1963, President Kennedy sent a memorandum to Secretaries Dillon and McNamara, Ball, Roosa, Bell, Heller, Gordon, Sorensen, Bundy, Galbraith, Kaysen, and Tobin. This was an abbreviated version of the President’s memorandum for the record, Document 33. The September 19 version essentially reproduced paragraphs 1 and 2 ending with the word “capital”. Paragraphs 2a, 2b, 2c, and 2d were omitted entirely. Paragraph 3 was revised as follows: “The Treasury, in consultation with the Council of Economic Advisers and the Bureau of the Budget, to prepare tax proposals for possible presentation to the next session of the Congress on a number of topics, including the encouragement of increased exports. On increased exports, the Treasury should consult with the Department of State and the Department of Commerce.”

Paragraph 5 in the September 19 memorandum ended with the word “earnings.” The second sentence of this paragraph in the President’s [Page 94] memorandum for the record was omitted entirely. Paragraphs 6-8 were identical to those in the memorandum for the record, and a ninth paragraph was added as follows: “A more detailed record of the meeting and of my views is available in Mr. Bundy’s office to those who participated in the discussion of September 11.” (Kennedy Library, National Security Files, Subjects Series, Balance of Payments and Gold)