341. Editorial Note

Executive Order 10952, August 9, 1961 (26 Federal Register 5918; 50 USC App. 2271), transferred major civil defense operating functions from the Office of Civil and Defense Mobilization to the Department of Defense. In consequence, Public Law 87-296, approved on September 22, 1961 (75 Stat. 630), changed the name to Office of Emergency Planning.

Executive Order 11051, September 27, 1962 (27 Federal Register 9683; 50 USC App. 2271), prescribed the responsibilities of that office within the Executive Office of the President. Among his activities, the Director of the Office of Emergency Planning determined the kinds and quantities of strategic and critical materials to be acquired and stockpiled under the Strategic and Critical Materials Stock Piling Act of 1946. (P.L. 79-520, approved on July 23, 1946; 50 USC 98-98h) He investigated commodity imports to determine whether the rate or circumstances of such importation threatened to impair the national security within the terms of the Trade Expansion Act of 1962. (P.L. 87-794, approved on October 11, 1962; 76 Stat. 872) He consulted with the heads of procuring agencies to determine whether procurement should be limited to domestic sources in the interest of national defense under the Buy America Act of 1933 (Title III of P.L. 72-428, approved March 3, 1933; 47 Stat. 1520; 41 USC 10a et seq.)