220. Editorial Note

On July 7, 1961, a telegram was transmitted to Under Secretary Ball who was in Tokyo for the DAG meeting. This telegram cited President Kennedy’s response to the June 22 Congressional letter to him. The telegram stated that the President’s June 30 response was sent to Representative Vinson, Senator Pastore, and all the petitioners, and then quoted the text as follows:

"Thank you for your letter on textile negotiations now being conducted by State Department. I have noted your concern and that of your colleagues over possibility that State Department’s efforts arrange international conference may not fully meet problems of industry.

"The import problem, I am sure you will agree, must be considered in context our total interest, both foreign and domestic. It should be [Page 471]borne in mind that contemplated negotiations are designed as one of series efforts assist textile industry. Our objective is to assist industry overcome all handicaps which it faces.

"State Department is being instructed to get best possible relief, not only for cotton but other fibers. I am also asking State Department maintain close liaison with Congress and industry in this matter.” (Telegram 30 to Tokyo, July 7; Department of State, Central Files, 411.006/6-2461)