216. Circular Telegram From the Department of State to Certain Diplomatic Missions0

1995. This message addressed Geneva and missions all countries represented on GATT Council except Prague.

GATT Council meeting called for June 16 at US request to consider convening international conference principal textile exporting and importing countries. US initiative taken pursuant to directive to Department contained in sixth point President’s textile program announced May 2 and following recent trip by Under Secretary Ball to Europe1 during which he held informal exploratory discussions several governments, Executive Secretary GATT and Secretary General OEEC. Department has also informed Embassies various other interested countries regarding US plans and intends continue keep them informed.
Reaction US initiative generally favorable and we confident GATT Council will take affirmative view US proposal. Nevertheless, in interest avoiding misunderstandings or delays by governments in [Page 467]instructing their representatives on GATT Council, missions requested solicit host government support for GATT sponsorship international textile conference and ask that GATT Council representative be instructed accordingly. Geneva being separately requested canvass GATT Council representatives. In view discussions already held by Ball, approaches by Bonn Brussels London Ottawa Paris Rome left mission’s discretion. Repeat report Geneva for GATT.

Suggested text draft note follows:

Verbatim text

As part seven-point program of assistance US textile industry, President has directed Department of State arrange call conference principal textile exporting and importing countries. Purpose of conference is seek international understanding which will provide basis for trade that will avoid undue disruption established industries. President’s program recognizes national interest in expansion of world trade and successful development of less developed countries.

US regards GATT as appropriate international institution to sponsor conference. Accordingly, US has requested meeting of GATT Council June 16 to consider convening international textile conference.

US solicits support BLANK Government for this proposal. US stands ready consult further with Blank Government in this matter as arrangements for conference worked out. End verbatim text.

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 394.41/6-1061. Official Use Only; Verbatim Text. Drafted by Emerson M. Brown (E/OT/TA), cleared by Ball and Nicholas A. Veliotes (S/S-RO), and approved by Sidney B. Jacques (E/OR).
  2. Ball visited several European countries May 15-June 4, 1961. For the memorandum of conversation with European officials, May 29, see the Supplement. (Department of State, Conference Files: Lot 65 D 366, CF 1874A) A summary of the highlights of his trip is in Current Economic Developments, Issue No. 625, June 6, 1961, pp. 12-13; Washington National Records Center, E/CBA/REP Files; FRC 72 A 6248, Current Economic Developments)