146. Editorial Note

In a memorandum to Secretary Rusk dated November 15, 1963, Rostow enclosed two drafts of a basic national security policy. One, dated November 8, was a 14-page paper described by Rostow as “the essence.” The other was a much longer paper dated November 11. Rostow stated that while the papers had benefited from interagency discussion of previous drafts, they had not been seen by anyone outside the Policy Planning Council. He stated that he continued to believe “that promulgation of a BNSP would contribute in important ways to effective, coordinated execution of U.S. policy.” No record has been found of action by Rusk on this memorandum or its attachments during the remainder of 1963. The memorandum is in Department of State, S/S-NSC Files: Lot 70 D 265, BNSP 1963; the two drafts are ibid., S/P Files: Lot 70 D 199, TS-BNSP.