Kennedy Administration Volumes

Following is a list of the volumes in the Foreign Relations series for the administration of President John F. Kennedy. The year of publication is in parentheses after the title.

Print Volumes

I Vietnam, 1961 (1988)
II Vietnam, 1962 (1990)
III Vietnam, January-August 1963 (1991)
IV Vietnam, August-December 1963 (1991)
V Soviet Union
VI Kennedy-Khrushchev Exchanges (1996)
VII Arms Control and Disarmament (1995)
VIII National Security Policy (1996)
IX Foreign Economic Policy (1995)
X Cuba. January 1961–September 1962
XI Cuba, October 1962–December 1963
XII American Republics (1996)
XIII Western Europe and Canada (1994)
XIV Berlin Crisis, 1961–1962 (1994)
XV Berlin Crisis, 1962–1963 (1994)
XVI Eastern Europe: Cyprus: Greece; Turkey (1994)
XVII Near East. 1961–1962 (1995)
XVIII Near East, 1962–1963 (1995)
XIX South Asia (1996)
XX Congo Crisis (1995)
XXI Africa (1996)
XXII Northeast Asia (1996)
XXIII Southeast Asia (1995)
XXIV Laos Crisis (1994)
XXV General; United Nations

Microfiche Supplements

Arms Control; National Security Policy; Foreign Economic Policy; General and United Nations (Volumes VII, VIII, IX, XXV)

Cuba; American Republics (Volumes X, XI, XII)

Western Europe; Berlin (Volumes XIII, XIV, XV) (1995)

Near East; Congo; Africa (Volumes XVII, XVIII, XX, XXI) Northeast Asia; Laos (Volumes XXII, XXIV)