List of Kennedy Administration Volumes

Following is a list of the volumes in the Foreign Relations series for the administration of President John F. Kennedy. The year of publication is in parentheses after the title.

Print Volumes

I Vietnam, 1961 (1988)
II Vietnam, 1962 (1990)
III Vietnam, January-August 1963 (1991)
IV Vietnam, August-December 1963 (1991)
V Soviet Union
VI Kennedy-Khrushchev Exchanges (1996)
VII Arms Control and Disarmament (1995)
VIII National Security Policy
IX Foreign Economic Policy (1995)
X Cuba, January 1961-September 1962
XI Cuba, October 1962-December 1963
XII American Republics (1996)
XIII Western Europe and Canada (1994)
XIV Berlin Crisis, 1961-1962 (1994)
XV Berlin Crisis, 1962-1963 (1994)
XVI Eastern Europe; Cyprus; Greece; Turkey (1994)
XVII Near East, 1961-1962 (1995)
XVIII Near East, 1962-1963 (1995)
XIX South Asia (1996)
XX Congo Crisis (1995)
XXI Africa (1996)
XXII Northeast Asia (1996)
XXIII Southeast Asia (1995)
XXIV Laos Crisis (1994)
XXV General; United Nations

Microfiche Supplements

Arms Control; National Security; Foreign Economic Policy; General and United Nations (Volumes VII, VIII, IX, XXV)

Cuba; American Republics (Volumes X, XI, XII)

Western Europe; Berlin (Volumes XIII, XIV, XV) (1995)

Near East; Congo; Africa (Volumes XVII, XVIII, XXI)

Northeast Asia; Laos (Volumes XXII, XXIV)