101. Letter From Chairman Khrushchev to President Kennedy0

Dear Mr. President: I have received your message of May 13, 1963.1 I was pleased to learn from it that as your personal representative for a trip to Moscow you have designated Secretary of State Dean Rusk and that he would like to make use in this connection of the invitation once extended to him by Foreign Minister Andrey A. Gromyko.

We will be glad to see Mr.Rusk here and to have a frank exchange of opinion with him on questions of interest for both sides.

You write that you are more than ever of the opinion that a visit to Moscow by your personal representative would be useful.

I want to think so too. Let us hope that the trip by Secretary of State Dean Rusk will turn out to be both useful and fruitful.

As for the date of his arrival, having in mind that in July or in August, as you say, any time is acceptable to you and to the Secretary of State, I suggest that Mr.Dean Rusk arrive in Moscow on July 28, 1963.2

  1. Source: Department of State, Presidential Correspondence: Lot 77 D 163. Top Secret; Eyes Only. The source text is apparently a Russian translation. Another copy is in the Kennedy Library, National Security Files, Countries Series, USSR, Khrushchev Correspondence.
  2. Document 100.
  3. Printed from an unsigned copy.