210. Telegram From Secretary of State Dulles to the Department of State0

Dulte 7. Eyes Only Acting Secretary for President from Secretary.

Dear Mr. President: We have just finished our 3 days of consultation. I think they have been very much worth while. It was not practical to bring about any immediate military changes because of the resumption of fighting but I think a groundwork has been laid. Most importantly in the communiqué we are issuing the Chinese Nationalists declared their dependence upon political ideals rather than upon force to liberate the peoples of the China mainland. We had great difficulty in getting them to accept or at least publicly announce this important shift in emphasis. It will, I think, have important applications over the future.

The Gimo accepted the principle of an appreciable reduction of forces on Quemoy to be effected whenever there was a suspension of the fighting. Understandably he feels that he cannot reduce while the fighting is on. He pledged his full cooperation to our policies asking only that before they are formulated he should be adequately consulted. In a few minutes I will be taking our jet tanker [liner?] back and it will I gather get me to Washington almost as soon as this cable.

Faithfully yours, FOSTER.

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 793.00/10-2358. Secret; Priority