181. Telegram From the Embassy in Japan to the Department of State 0

4264. For Secretary, Parsons and General Goodpaster. I saw Yamada very early this morning and, referring to last night’s bloody [Page 363] riot,1 said I must have considered views of Kishi and GOJ on police and security forces capability of preventing such riots during President’s visit in face of growing certainty that Moscow and Peking were pulling out all stops re President’s visit and might well commit Communist-controlled action groups in Japan to forceful demonstrations during President’s visit.

I told Yamada frankly that on basis of situation as of yesterday I had recommended that visit go forward as planned but that new and deeply disturbing elements had been introduced by last night’s assault on Diet which had changed entire atmosphere and was resulting in serious tension, which might oblige me to change my recommendation.

Yamada has called me twice to inform me that Kishi and Cabinet are urgently examining situation and that he would be in touch with me following Cabinet meeting now taking place. Meanwhile reports are circulating that cabinet is seriously considering requesting President to postpone visit.

I believe Communists will now commit their reserves to struggle and that there will be continuation of violence on part of Communists up to very time of President’s arrival and perhaps during visit. While I will have final recommendation re visit to make after I have heard from Kishi, in light of dramatic change in situation since yesterday, present atmosphere of great tension, and estimate which I have just received from Japanese police I would be obliged to recommend against visit.

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 794.00/6–1660. Secret; Niact. Sent to Manila and repeated to the Department of State.
  2. See Document 183.