25. Telegram From the Embassy in Indonesia to the Department of State0

2727. Aide of Deputy Premier Idham Chalid told Embassy officer that at February 18 meeting with Djuanda and three Deputy Prime Ministers Sukarno talked at length regarding relations with US. Sukarno said that during visit to Delhi Indian officials assured him Blitz story regarding plotting of Ambassador Allison was false. Sukarno expressed high regard for Allison and asserted, “Allison was removed because he attempted to understand Indonesia.” In Sukarno’s opinion US opposed to him and his concept because he refused permit Indonesia be dragged into imperialist camp. He said he did not know what new American Ambassador’s attitude would be, but if US attempted interfere in Indonesia’s affairs he would deal with such interference in firm manner.

Source stated Chalid wanted him to pass on to Embassy that Sukarno exceedingly suspicious of US intentions and he (Chalid) hoped Embassy would “relax” and not antagonize President.

Comment: While Sukarno was still abroad pro-government journalist told Embassy officer that Secretary General of National Council Abdulgani had attributed similar views to President. Sukarno reportedly believed at that time US had “written him off” and consequently he was determined to convince State Department that if US intended to have satisfactory relations with Indonesia it would have to get along with him. Abdulgani reportedly said Sukarno considered Secretary Dulles personally responsible for recent lack of sympathy for Indonesia on part of US. Sukarno planned upon his return from abroad to give personal attention to all matters related to US-Indonesian relations and future of all US interests, both official and private, would henceforth depend on his personal decisions.

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 611.56D/2–2458. Secret; Limit Distribution.