161. Editorial Note

General Maxwell D. Taylor, U.S. Army Chief of Staff, visited Indonesia November 2–4 as part of a larger Asian trip. During his stay in Indonesia Taylor met with President Sukarno, Prime Minister Djuanda, and Foreign Minister Subandrio. In telegram 1504 from Djakarta Jones reported that Taylor’s trip illustrated pointedly the new state of U.S.-Indonesian relations and noted that the Indonesian press had commented favorably upon his visit. (Department of State, Central Files, 611.56D/11 258) See Supplement. The Embassy reported further on Taylor’s trip in telegram 1520 from Djakarta, November 4, and telegram 1528 from Djakarta, November 3. (Department of State, Central Files, 756D.00/11–458 and 756D.5–MSP/11–358) See Supplement for both.

On November 5 Secretary of State Dulles approved the augmented aid program for Indonesia, recommended by Assistant Secretary Robertson in his memorandum of October 15. According to an excerpt from the Staff Record of November 6, drafted by Dudley W. Miller of S/S, the Secretary

Approved a course of future US actions with regard to Indonesia involving a military assistance program, removal of restrictions on the issuance of export licenses for certain items and a program of increased economic assistance using the several types of assistance available; agreed that we should inform the Dutch and Australians of our assistance programs, assuring them that we shall bear in mind their views, that we will inform them of the nature of these programs as decided upon, and that we will impress on Indonesia our opposition to the use of military force to resolve the West New Guinea dispute.” (Department of State, SPA Files: Lot 63 D 106, Indonesia 1958)

The Department of State summarized Dulles’ decision in telegram 873 to Djakarta, Document 163.

Mein informed British and Australian representatives of the augmented aid program in separate conversations on November 12. (Memoranda of conversation by Mein; Department of State, Central Files, 756D.5–MSP/11–1258)