146. Telegram From the Department of State to the Embassy in Indonesia0

357. Department has been shocked and disappointed note initial report Sukarno’s speech set forth Embtel 624.1 Sukarno’s identification of West with obstruction aspirations Asian nationalist powers and his at least implied alignment with “progressive” countries of bloc are not only un-neutral but represent perversion of facts. Communist Bloc imperialism is seeking stifle independence of countries world over while U.S. as leader of West seeking prevent it. Sukarno’s speech has seriously undermined potential this Government’s continuance policy on which we recently embarked. Recognize later reports may place speech in better perspective but unless this is clearly the case Sukarno will have to understand that he cannot at one and same time gratefully accept U.S. assistance and denigrate and castigate everything for which U.S. stands.

We had been led to believe that prompt delivery on 15th of first token shipment would demonstrate desire U.S. work with Indonesian Government and might influence tone of Sukarno’s speech. Sukarno himself registered his gratification this action our part. In absence unmistakable indications attitude reflected in preliminary reports this speech not Sukarno’s and Indonesian Government’s true attitude, U.S. may have reconsider its position. Provision equipment predicated on belief in sincerity Indonesia desire follow independent neutral course. If highest authority in Indonesia instead should effectively align himself with enemies of U.S. and free world, basis of our support is destroyed.

If Sukarno’s speech not essentially different from report contained reftel request you express our disappointment Djuanda and Nasution along foregoing lines. In your discretion you may point out that Sukarno’s statement at West Irian front ceremony re necessity to build up power to obtain West Irian may have created such tremendous problems with Dutch that we may have to authorize Luns to make public Indonesia’s assurances re West New Guinea. (See separate telegram for instructions to Hague.)2 You should subsequently and in light their comments seek appointment with President and try to make him understand neither U.S. nor any other country can be expected continue proffering [Page 267] friendship when referred to publicly in terms which suggest U.S. and West are real enemy.3

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 756D.00/8–1758. Secret; Niact. Drafted by Parsons and approved by Robertson. Repeated to The Hague and CINCPAC.
  2. Telegram 624, August 17, transmitted to the Department the official English text of Sukarno’s scheduled independence day speech, which was to be delivered that day. (Ibid.) See Supplement.
  3. Document 145.
  4. In telegram 625 from Djakarta, August 18, Jones reported that Sukarno adhered strictly to the previously distributed text of his independence day address. Jones noted that the United States could not “draw any comfort” from Sukarno’s speech, but observed that neither could the Communists. (Department of State, Central Files, 756D.11/8–1858) See Supplement.