130. Telegram From the Embassy in Indonesia to the Department of State0

4945. Deptel 3858.1ARMA saw General Nasution this morning immediately following his return from 3 day inspection trip Palembang.2 General was obviously pleased and asked that Col Cole meet Col Ibnu on June 30 to work out details and determine specific requirements bridge equipment. I am seeing Foreign Minister tonight and will pass on similar information.

Nasution also told ARMA meeting would be held next week by Prime Minister with three chiefs of staff to discuss long list of requirements submitted to us year ago and consider how to renew request. General emphasized vital importance getting something started in arms support area.

As for economic sabotage by rebel action Sumatra, General said he fully aware danger and had issued orders to military commanders to establish armed guards for estates. He said Col Ibnu had responsibility for preventing damage oil fields. He also pointed out significantly that Army has now a Colonel as Cabinet minister who will be able to look after economic matters.

Comment: It is clear from what Nasution said that he believes he will shortly have qualified for military assistance on basis my original approach authorized by Deptel 3300.3 With conclusion Menado campaign, reshuffle of cabinet and assurances as to army plans gradually to curb communism in Indonesia, General made it obvious he now looks to us for support.

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  3. Cole reported on his meeting with Nasution in telegram CX 216, June 28. He stated that he passed on the information contained in telegram 3858 to Nasution and the General “seemed quite pleased.” (Department of State, Central Files, 756D.00/6–2858) See Supplement.
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