232. Editorial Note

Ambassador Bunker came to the United States in early June for approximately 2 months of home leave and consultations in Washington. A memorandum of his June 15 conversation with ICA officials is printed infra. On June 16, he met with George Allen, Director of USIA; a memorandum of that conversation is in Department of State, Central Files, 411.9141/6–1659. The following day, he met with members of the Policy Planning Staff and with representatives of the Atomic Energy Commission; a memorandum of the first conversation is ibid., SOA Files: Lot 62 D 43, India 1959; a memorandum of the second conversation is printed as Document 234. On June 19, he met with Samuel Waugh and other officials of the Export-Import Bank and later with Deputy Under Secretary Murphy. A memorandum of the conversation with Waugh is in Department of State, Central Files, 811.0591/6–1959; a memorandum of the conversation with Murphy is printed as Document 75. On August 5, Bunker met again with Department officials and then briefed members of the OCB on developments in India; see Documents 239 and 240. The following day, he attended a meeting of the NSC; see Document 4.