9. Editorial Note

On October 9, Assistant Secretary of State Satterthwaite spoke to the Western Regional Assembly at Lake Arrowhead, California, on the subject of “The United States and Africa: Challenge and Opportunity.” He addressed the issue of nationalism, which was a major concern of U.S. policymakers:

“Having long recognized that traditional colonialism is coming to an end, the United States supports the principle of orderly transition to self-government and eventual self-determination in the interests of all parties and peoples involved. The speed of this evolution, we believe, should be determined by the capacity of the African populations concerned to assume and discharge the responsibilities of self-government.”

The growing Communist threat remained another preoccupation of government leaders in Washington. To thwart “the insidious international Communist force, which would deny the area to the West and ensnare it into the political and socioeconomic slavery of communism,” Satterthwaite stressed the need to understand and to help to meet African aspirations. He also emphasized the imperative of “adequate economic and technical assistance.” For text of his address, see Department of State Bulletin, October 27, 1958, pages 641–648.