291. Editorial Note

At the 472d meeting of the National Security Council on December 29, Director of Central Intelligence Allen Dulles discussed developments in the Congo during his briefing on significant world developments. The relevant portion of the memorandum of discussion by Deputy NSC Executive Secretary Marion W. Boggs, December 29, reads as follows:

“Turning to the Congo, Mr. Dulles reported that the situation in Stanleyville remained about the same. Gizenga has apparently improved his position by moving into Kivu Province where more food is available. Mobutu is attempting to starve out Gizenga by a blockade. [2 lines of source text not declassified] Moscow apparently intends to go [Page 643] as far as it can in the Congo. The Sudan, however, is blocking Soviet plans by refusing refueling rights to Soviet planes at Khartoum. Kasavubu has expressed a willingness to receive the UN Conciliation Commission. Mr. Merchant said Kasavubu had made the exclusion of certain countries, e.g., the UAR and Morocco, a condition for receiving the Commission.” (Eisenhower Library, Whitman File, NSC Records)