115. Telegram From the Department of State to the Mission at the United Nations 0

19. Ref: New York 34, July 9;1 35, July 9;2 Brussels 53, July 8;3 Leopoldville 38, July 104 and 30, July 11.5 USUN should be guided by following in discussing Congo situation with SYG and Cordier.

Dept believes UN can play important role in connection restoration public order in Congo and maintenance its territorial integrity.
SYG should take lead in formulation and implementation UN actions in Congo. We intend assist and support him as possible and feasible. (FYI. ChiCom radio has already charged US imperialists using SC penetrate Congo.)
Assume SYG will wish consult with Belgians as well as with ASAFs. We have been in touch with Africans throughout crisis and believe that while they were first loath admit seriousness of situation, they may now be ready support UN measures save Congo from further anarchy.
SYG may wish consider desirability urge Belgian Govt issue public statement that they welcome UN presence and will cooperate fully with UN to restore law and order and that they will withdraw their forces as soon as this accomplished. We prepared support SYG suggestion for such Belgian statement in Brussels and Washington.
Most immediate problem is reimposition of discipline on Force Publique. In our view, this can be materially assisted by assignment appropriate officers and technical personnel, which should be African to extent possible, to train Congo Army. “Training” involves prompt reestablishment military discipline as well as longer-range creation [Page 293] apolitical, reliable military force. We suggest SYG consider assignment of person such as one of Mali Colonels Abdoulaye Somare or Mamadou Fall or Moroccan General Kettani. (Rabat, Dakar comments urgently requested.) Alternatively appointment Indian Commander of UNEF Gyani on temporary basis might be envisaged. Fact these are our suggestions should be held in strictest confidence by SYG, and he should also be advised seek Belgian views.
Anarchic Congo situation further complicated by Katanga separatist movement. We are urging Belgium use its influence head off this movement at this time, and believe SYG might usefully do likewise.
Re UN mechanics, we believe SYG has authority act under GA resolution 1415 (XIV)6 together with letter from Conference Independent African States pledging support UN measures safeguard territorial integrity Congo after independence. However, it politically essential that African States and Belgians agree with measures taken. If African States and Belgium in agreement SC meeting Wednesday,7 which we informed SYG tentatively planning to call, could be formality at which he informs Council of actions taken at request of Congo Government.

Addressee posts repeat messages this subject directly to USUN.

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 770G.00/7–960. Confidential. Drafted by René Tron of the Office of United Nations Political and Security Affairs (UNP); cleared by Satterthwaite in draft and by William T. Nunley, United Nations Adviser in EUR; and approved by Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs Francis O. Wilcox. Repeated to Accra, Brussels, Dakar, Léopoldville, and Rabat.
  2. Telegram 34 from USUN paraphrased a report from Bunche to Hammarskjöld assessing the Congo situation as virtually hopeless for the present, with the government lacking control. (Ibid.)
  3. Telegram 35 from USUN indicated that Hammarskjöld had cabled Bunche not to take risks for, in the absence of any government authority with which to work, little could be done to help the situation. (Ibid.)
  4. Telegram 53 from Brussels conveyed the following message from Bunche to Hammarskjöld: “Using kindness US facilities this message. Work here interrupted by present situation. Holding on and all safe.” (Ibid., 770G.00/7–860)
  5. Telegram 38 from Léopoldville revealed that Bunche had just transmitted to Hammarskjöld an official Congolese appeal for U.N. technical military assistance. Timber-lake urged full support for this request. (Ibid., 770G.5/7–1060)
  6. Reference should be to telegram 40, July 11, which conveyed van den Bosch’s view of the situation. (Ibid., 770G.00/7–1160)
  7. Adopted December 5, 1959, Resolution 1415 (XIV) invited the Secretary-General to consider requests from newly independent states for “high-level technical experts” and technical aid.
  8. July 13.