101. Editorial Note

At the 443d meeting of the National Security Council on May 5, Director of Central Intelligence Allen Dulles discussed developments in the Congo during his briefing on significant world developments. The relevant portion of the memorandum of discussion by Deputy NSC Executive Secretary Marion W. Boggs, May 5, reads as follows:

“Mr. Dulles said that the prospective independence of the Belgian Congo on June 30 of this year had led to frantic efforts by the Belgians to help the Congo develop a viable government. These efforts were handicapped by the fact that some 80-odd political parties existed in the Congo. The President said he did not know that many people in the Congo could read. Mr. Dulles said conflicts between tribes in the Congo would present one difficult problem. Lumumba would probably emerge as the leader of the Congo. He was irresponsible, had been charged with embezzlement, was now being offered bribes from various sources and was supported by the Belgian Communists. The Belgians were trying to get the U.S. to provide financial aid to meet the deficit in the Congo. Belgium believes that $125–$ 130 million in economic aid will be required before the Congo achieves its independence if chaos is to be avoided. The flight of capital from the Congo is being accelerated to such an extent that Belgium recently imposed controls on the export of capital. Finally, Mr. Dulles reported, there is some possibility that a movement might develop in the rich Katanga area for separation from the Congo and union with Rhodesia.” (Eisenhower Library, Whitman File, NSC Records)