89. Draft Letter From President Eisenhower to Chairman Khrushchev0

Dear Mr. Prime Minister: For some time past, it has seemed to me that it would be mutually profitable for us to have an informal exchange of views about problems which interest both of us. This thought has been reinforced by a suggestion attributed to you at the time of the recent visit of the American Governors to the Soviet Union.1

Accordingly, I have asked Mr. Robert Murphy to communicate to First Deputy Prime Minister Frol R. Kozlov, who is departing from the United States this Sunday evening, some ideas for your consideration.2 Perhaps when you have had time to consider my suggestions, you would be kind enough to communicate your reaction via your Ambassador in Washington, Mr. Menshikov. I am sure that you will agree with me regarding the importance of keeping this matter confidential for the present.

Hoping that this method of communication may be satisfactory to you, believe me

Yours sincerely,3

  1. Source: Eisenhower Library, Whitman File, International File. Top Secret. Attached to the source text is a July 11 covering memorandum from Acting Secretary Dillon to the President, indicating that the attached draft letter to Khrushchev was for his signature. Also attached to Dillon’s memorandum is a copy of Document 88. Dillon’s memorandum bears the President’s initials. Regarding the drafting and presentation of this letter to Khrushchev, see Document 87.
  2. See Document 83.
  3. See Documents 87 and 88.
  4. Printed from an unsigned copy.