84. Memorandum From Dorothy S. de Borchgrave to the Under Secretary of State (Dillon)0


Clarence Randall called and told me the following on the phone:

Yesterday in Chicago Inland Steel entertained Kozlov at luncheon. Kozlov turned to Mr. Block,1 the Chairman, and said “I want to buy steel. That is why I came to you today. I want to buy rolled sheets and I will pay you in gold”. Mr. Block was caught unprepared with this question and said “I would have to have the clearance of the State Department”. At this Mr. Kozlov blew his top and quite angrily said, “We are just getting a run around. Mr. Herter tells us to talk to the businessmen and you people just say you have to talk to the State Department”.

Mr. Randall would be glad to have your reactions and/or suggestions you may have for people in the steel industry who may get similar inquiries.

  1. Source: Department of State, Secretary’s Memoranda of Conversation: Lot 64 D 199. No classification marking.
  2. Joseph L. Block.
  3. Printed from a copy that bears these typed initials. Attached to the source text is a memorandum from Raymond L. Perkins (S/S-RO) to Edward T. Long (EUR) and Craig M. Stark (E), which identified “DB” as Dillon’s secretary. Dorothy S. de Borchgrave was the only person with these initials serving in Dillon’s office at this time.