341. Telegram From the Embassy in the United Kingdom to the Department of State0

3468. Nicosia’s 296.1 Embassy told Foreign Office (Wade-Gary, Cyprus Desk Officer) January 13 Makarios signed letter regarding United States communications facilities.

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Wade-Gary said Assistant Under-Secretary Ross had asked him to inform Embassy that after considering advisability depositing copy of Makarios letter with London cmte (Embassy telegram 3434),2 Foreign Office concluded is immaterial whether or not United States prompts Cypriots to deposit copy. As alternative United States might wish formally to transmit copies to British, Greek and Turkish Governments which would accomplish same purpose as depositing copy with London cmte.

In response to question Wade-Gary said “obligations” covered by para B–2 (IV) treated in Article 8 of draft treaty of establishment. United Kingdom draft, which not yet approved by other parties, reads: “All international obligations and responsibilities of government of United Kingdoms hall henceforth, insofar as they may be held to have application to Republic of Cyprus, be assumed by the Government of the Republic of Cyprus. The international rights and benefits heretofore enjoyed by the Government of the United Kingdom in virtue of their application to the territory of the Republic of Cyprus shall henceforth be enjoyed by the Government of Cyprus”.

Wade-Gary stated is general practice not to list obligations in treaty. One reason is danger list subsequently may be found incomplete. However, United Kingdom has circulated to London cmte for its information list of obligations which United Kingdom believes are involved. List does not mention United States communications facilities because of problems involved in documenting agreements.

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  2. Document 340.
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