316. Editorial Note

The Cyprus agreements were approved by the Parliaments of Greece (Greece 28), Turkey (March 4), and the United Kingdom (March 19). Archbishop Makarios returned to Cyprus after 3 years in exile on March 1. On March 9, EOKA leader George Grivas announced a cease-fire, and on March 17, as part of the settlement, Grivas left Cyprus and returned to Greece.

Three bodies were established to implement the London agreements on Cyprus. A Transition Committee of Greek and Turkish Cypriots was established in Nicosia to confer with British colonial officials and prepare for the transfer of administrative responsibilities on the island. This committee began work on March 3. A Joint Constitutional Committee, also based in Nicosia, was assigned the task of writing a constitution for the new republic. It comprised representatives of Greece and Turkey and of the Greek and Turkish Cypriot communities. This committee met for the first time on March 23. A Joint Commission of Greek, Turkish, British, and Cypriot representatives met in London to prepare final treaties which would put the London agreements into effect. Its first meeting was held on April 4.