312. Telegram From the Department of State to the Consulate General in Nicosia0

341. Contel 375.1 In replying queries regarding future of US communication facilities in Cyprus you should avoid giving Cypriots grounds for belief question will be open for discussion between new Government of Cyprus and USG. You should seek to avoid comment but, if pressed, you may reply to such queries by saying USG expects provision for continuity of US facilities will be worked out in context detailed agreement which will give effect to documents signed in London.

FYI. We propose shortly to follow up on suggestion final para London 4378.2 End FYI.

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 511.47C2/2–2459. Confidential; Priority. Drafted by Blood. Repeated to London, Athens, and Ankara.
  2. Telegram 375 from Nicosia, February 24, requested guidance concerning a request by a representative of Reuters News Agency for a statement about the future of U.S. communications facilities on Cyprus. (Ibid.)
  3. Telegram 4378 from London, February 20, reported Foreign Office assurances that they had safeguarded U.S. interests in the agreement signed on February 19 and that these rights would extend to all agreements signed prior to the end of British administration in Cyprus. The final paragraph reported that the Foreign Office suggested consultations between the United States and United Kingdom over communications facilities prior to talks with Greece, Cyprus, and Turkey. (Ibid., 747C.00/2–2059)