293. Editorial Note

At the request of the Greek Government, the Political Committee of the U.N. General Assembly discussed the Cyprus question at its meetings of November 24–December 4. Seven resolutions were introduced by different member states of the Committee. An Iranian resolution, which urged the three concerned governments to hold a conference with the additional participation, if desired, of other governments to deal with an interim and final solution for Cyprus, received the support of the United Kingdom and Turkey. It was approved by the Political Committee on December 4 by a vote of 31 to 22 with 28 abstentions. For text of this resolution, see U.N. doc. A/C.1/L.226 and Rev. 1. A resolution introduced by Colombia, which had the backing of the Greek Government, failed of adoption. For text of this resolution, see U.N. doc. A/C.1/L.255. The United States abstained in the vote on the Colombian resolution and voted for the Iranian resolution. The U.S. position on Cyprus was outlined in a statement by James W. Barco to the Political Committee on November 28. For text of the statement, see Department of State Bulletin, January 5, 1959, pages 41–42.