207. Telegram From the Consulate in Nicosia to the Department of State 0

389. Had interview Deputy Governor Sinclair today regarding tragic events of last three days.1 He gave me details new severe emergency regulations enumerated Contel 388.2 Said Turk leaders here have been extremely uncooperative, refusing government’s requests urge restraint and instead, with utter cynicism, have repeated claim that Greek bomb at information center provoked Turk community. I pointed out admission Turk responsibility for later killings in words Kuchuk at Istanbul, who said Turk patriots “marched to Greek quarter killing two and wounding five” in retribution. Sinclair said all evidence, including condition interior building pointed to “planned” operation, and while government unable accuse openly, had informed press and wire services “for guidance” that incident apparently not Greek inspired.

He not so certain of role Ankara government but there again usual pattern would indicate complicity. In reply my query his assessment Turk purpose in forcing issue to verge civil war, Sinclair said “This is their all-out bid for partition”. In spite obvious discouragement local officials and seeming hopelessness of effort, HMG planning press on with new initiative June 17. I gave him some of worst FBIS transcripts Ankara radio output yesterday, pointing out that our reports were to effect public radios in various centers pouring forth these lies and inflammatory statements to masses Turks who later demonstrated as in Limassol, Ktima, Larnaca and Famagusta. Such broadcasts obviously contributed to tragedy last night’s knife and shovel killings Larnaca.

Sinclair agreed and said they now giving serious consideration jamming Ankara radio as well as Athens.

Also queried Deputy Governor with regard position Denktash 3 who, after fiery speech Nicosia and after request by Administration Secretary Reddaway for moderation, proceeded Larnaca and delivered [Page 623] same speech. Deputy Governor admitted they reexamining Denktash position in view recent actions. I then gave him FBIS transcript Kuchuk Istanbul speech for use by Governor when he meets Turk leaders this afternoon.

Comment: British now consider themselves in virtual Palestinian situation. In face events past few days and apparent willingness Turks go any length prove their point, do not see any hope for UK proposals unless we willing back them strongly. Utterly shameless, irresponsible manner in which Turks applying pressure here would seem call for some action our part to stop deteriorating Greek-Turk relations as well as situation on island. Am in no position judge whether this best accomplished in Ankara or at NAC meeting requested by Greece but do believe we cannot, as leaders this alliance, allow Cyprus situation drift any closer to chaos.

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 747C.00/6–958. Secret; Niact. Repeated to London, Athens, Ankara, and Paris for USRO.
  2. On the evening of June 7, a bomb exploded outside the Turkish Press Office in Nicosia, setting off violent rioting by the Turkish Cypriots. Bands of Turks invaded the Greek quarters of the city and attacked Greek Cypriots, killing two. Rioting spread throughout Cyprus on June 8.
  3. Telegram 388 from Nicosia, June 9, reported that a 24-hour curfew had been imposed to prevent further violence and that Foot was trying to calm the situation in talks with Greek and Turkish leaders. (Department of State, Central Files, 747C.00/6–958)
  4. Denktash, a Turkish Cypriot, was a member of the British civil service on Cyprus, serving as Queen’s Counsel and spokesman for the Turkish community.