193. Telegram From the Embassy in the United Kingdom to the Department of State0

5725. Selwyn Lloyd last night said that he is concerned over Cyprus and believes necessary to take further steps without delay. He feels that despite absence of Greek Government and problem posed by forthcoming Greek elections, Greeks generally much more disposed to settlement now than they have been in past since they seem finally to have realized strength of Turkish feeling and that in light thereof time is not working in Greek favor. Turks on other hand are becoming increasingly more intransigent [5–1/2 lines of source text not declassified].

In circumstances, Lloyd contemplates making a further effort with Turks with view to modifying Turkish position on possible base in Cyprus to realistic proportions and he inclined to think that this may be appropriate time to enlist maximum US support for such renewed approach to Turks. He expects consider matter further over weekend and anticipates drafting personal letter to Secretary which may be transmitted first next week.

Department repeat as desired.

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 747C.00/5–2958. Secret; Limit Distribution.