180. Editorial Note

The National Security Council heard the following summary of the Cyprus situation at its 353d meeting on January 30:

General Cabell said Cyprus had been the scene of repeated violence during January as the Turkish Cypriots had attacked the British for the first time in an effort to force a partition of Cyprus. However, the U.K. had 23,000 troops on the island and could probably maintain control. The position of the Turkish Government with respect to Cyprus had recently hardened. The Greeks wanted an undivided Cyprus and the Greek terrorist organizations were probably capable of extensive violence. In the next few weeks London was expected to announce a new plan for Cyprus, but both the Turks and the Greeks would probably find the plan unacceptable and a new wave of violence might be touched off. Eventual self-determination for Cyprus could not be ruled out of consideration.” (Memorandum of discussion prepared by Marion W. Boggs, January 31; Eisenhower Library, Whitman File, NSC Records)