178. Telegram From Secretary of State Dulles to the Department of State0

Secto 29. Re Secto to Dept 20, rptd info London 201, Athens 177, Nicosia 75, and Paris for USRO 97.1 In brief conversation with Secretary afternoon Jan 27, Lloyd said discussions which he and Foot had with Zorlu were very disappointing. He said he had subsequently told Menderes that he wished thereafter to talk with no one other than latter.

Zorlu had insisted upon three points contained reftel as minimum conditions to Turk acquiescence Brit plan. Lloyd said, however, that of three most important from Turkish viewpoint might be availability of base. That was not to say that Zorlu was any less insistent than heretofore upon assurances that Turkish community would have right to decide its future status after period self government.

Lloyd asked Secretary his evaluation whether Greeks might be persuaded go along with plan on these conditions. Secretary thought there might be some possibility Greeks agreeing to some sort arrangement for base (such as undertaking that Turks would have right to obtain from British base if it were ever abandoned by British) if conditions did not also include undertaking which would lead to likelihood of partition.

Lloyd felt somewhat optimistic that the Turkish reservation regarding “federal political elements“2 could be met without causing great difficulty for Greeks.

Lloyd said discussions with Menderes would be held over next few days and he would keep us informed.3 Secretary observed time might have come for British make definitive decision on basis plan most nearly acceptable to Greeks and Turks, but not fully acceptable to either. It appeared unlikely in view wide difference that there could ever be agreement on all points.

Lloyd commented Turks seemed be relying upon British not taking any action until agreement reached, but there was limit beyond which British could not go. There was great fear that widescale terrorism [Page 583]would be resumed on Cyprus at any moment. He did not know how long UKG would be able continue present regime on Cyprus under such terroristic activities.

  1. Source: Department of State, NEA/GTI Files: Lot 61 D 220, Negotiations—January 1958. Secret. Repeated to London, Athens, Nicosia, and Paris for USRO. Dulles was in Ankara for the meeting of the Baghdad Pact Ministerial Council January 27–30.
  2. Secto 20 from Ankara, January 27, reported the substance of Lloyd’s January 25 meeting with Zorlu and January 26 discussions with Menderes. (Ibid., Central Files, 396.1–AN/1–2758)
  3. Reference is to the Turkish desire that any solution to the Cyprus question provide the Turkish Cypriot minority with autonomous institutions.
  4. Lloyd held further discussions with Menderes January 28–30.