299. Letter From the Ambassador to Sweden (Bonbright) to the Deputy Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs (Merchant)

Source: Department of State, Central Files. 711.11–EI/10–1359. Confidential; Official–Informal. Attached to a letter of transmittal, also dated October 13, from Bonbright to Kohler.

300. National Security Council Report

Source: Department of State, S/SNSC Files: Lot 63 D 351, NSC 6006 Series. Secret. NSC 6006/1 comprised a cover sheet; a memorandum of transmittal from Executive Secretary Lay, dated April 6, which noted that the statement of policy had been approved by the President on that day; a table of contents; a statement of policy; and a financial appendix. Only the statement of policy and part of the appendix are printed here.

NSC 6006, March 14, was amended by the NSC at its 439th meeting on April 1. The discussion was confined to paragraphs 28, 35, 41, and 42. The memorandum of discussion is in Eisenhower Library, Whitman File, NSC Records.

NSC 6006/1 was rescinded by President Kennedy on May 2, 1962. (Department of State, S/SNSC Files: Lot 63 D 351, NSC 6006 Series)

301. Despatch From the Embassy in Norway to the Department of State

Source: Department of State, Central Files, 611.00/7–2960. Confidential.

302. Memorandum of Conversation

Source: Eisenhower Library, Project Clean Up. Confidential. Drafted by Peterson. A separate memorandum covering the personal conversation between the King and the President that took place before they were joined by Foreign Minister Krag and Ambassador Knuth-Winterfeldt is ibid.