94. Editorial Note

Secretary of State Herter addressed the second plenary session of the Fifth Meeting of Consultation of Ministers of Foreign Affairs on August 13. The telegram reporting his remarks reads as follows: “Sec-State expressed reasons concern US over present Caribbean situation. Suggested under agenda item one 1) declaration basic principles inter-American system; 2) formation special temporary committee study Caribbean situation and assist states solution problems; 3) authorization permanent committee such as Peace Committee consider problems of sorting plaguing Caribbean before become threat peace. Discussed carefully question exercise representative democracy and respect human rights suggesting possibility establishment committee authorized gather views and chart course OAS could follow in evoking maximum cooperation governments this regard.” (Secto 15 from Santiago, August 13; Department of State, Central Files, 363/8–1359) For text of his address, see Department of State Bulletin, August 31, 1959, page 301.