93. Message From the Secretary of State to the President1

Dear Mr. President: The atmosphere here one of real seriousness in attempting to meet constructively difficulties in Caribbean area. As of now considerable difference of opinion as to how this can best be done and where greatest emphasis should be laid. At very outset Cubans insisting that committee meetings be open to public and receiving considerable support. If their recommendation is carried fear we are in for considerable demagogic oratory which will certainly not be helpful.

I am personally delighted to have opportunity meet Foreign Ministers 20 other states all of whom were present and believe this will have real utility in itself. You will be glad to know new jet plane made fine landing on short runway Santiago.

Faithfully yours,

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 711.11–EI/8–1259. Secret; Niact. Transmitted in Cahto 4 from Santiago, which is the source text.
  2. Cahto 4 bears this typed signature.